Multi Presets are a great way of adding diversity to an event – there’s a number of ways that multi presets can be used on your mirror to achieve fantastic results:

Random Presets:

The mirror will automatically choose a random workflow after it’s finished with the previous.

This is great to use for events that you want to use multiple photo layouts and different workflows and animations one after another at random – this keeps the mirror fresh throughout the event so that not every session is the same.

Multi Preset Selection:

Great if you want to give guests a choice of the workflow that they want. This can be used to select a single photo strip, multiple photos or even workflows with different features such as green screen, signature feature and scream bars!


The MirrorTapBooth has a 60” touch screen, this is great for using the signature feature. It allows guests to sign the screen with their name, a comment or even a little doodle that is then applied to both the digital and printed photo.

Add the signature feature at the end of the workflow to finish off the interaction between the guest and the mirror – using a multi touch screen more than one person can sign at once on the mirror.

The signature feature can be used in any colour, we can even randomise the colour so every photo is different!


The MirrorTapBooth now supports video recording so guests at your events can capture video messages.

The MirrorTapBooth can capture HD Video from DSLR, Webcam and even Kinect.

The video feature can be added to any workflow or even added as a selection screen so guests can choose from either photo or video.


Animated Gifs are a great way of bringing photo sessions to life – after the MirrorTapBooth has taken multiple photos it can then automatically create an animated GIF in either a .gif or .mp4 format.

These animated Gifs are great for sharing to social media live from the event.


The MirrorTapBooth has a built in microphone that allows guests to take advantage of the scream feature. The scream feature can appear before any of the photos in the workflow – only when the scream-bar reaches a certain threshold that can be predefined the photo will take. You can imagine the great photos that are captured whilst guests are screaming into the mirror!