What is the MirrorTapBooth?

The MirrorTapBooth is a brand new event and photo-booth concept, which features a photo booth, concealed behind a magic mirror.

How it works:

  • Guests can see their reflection in the mirror.
  • Animations play to guide them to touch the glass and even sign their name on the mirror!
  • The hidden camera flashes behind the mirror and guests receive an instant personalised print.

Why MirrorTapBooth?

  • It’s a totally new, never before seen concept
  • A real Magic Mirror allows guests to see themselves (in real-time), interacting with the booth
  • Blow the minds of consumers and guests alike at any event with interactive touch technology and gesture control

A unique photo booth experience…

The MirrorTapBooth uses modern social photography to create an original photo-based experience. Using a two-way mirror, guests see their reflection, just like they would in a normal mirror. What’s different about this product is its interactive features. Once the guest activates the mirror, it will display customised messages, animations and calls to action to encourage guests to interact and pose for photos.

After the photos are taken, the MirrorTapBooth then asks guests to sign their photo’s or leave a message. Images are then printed out directly from the booth for guests to keep. The mirror photo booth also lets guests toy with a range of cool features and once finished, share their pictures directly to social media.

The Verdict…

The MirrorTap Booth is versatile and ideal for any type of event that you’re looking to WOW your guest. Whether it’s a corporate event, wedding, bar or bat-mitzvah, trade show, audio visual presentation, birthday celebration, networking event, charity function, or any other occasion, the MirrorTap Booth is a one of a kind interactive solution – sure to make your next event a huge success!

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